So you have your WordPress (WP) blog installed, but the default WP theme definitely does not reflect your business message, nor convey your personality.  Good thing WordPress makes installing a new theme quick and easy.

How to Find the Perfect WP Theme

Web Search: You can actually find WordPress themes quickly by either doing a web search. To help narrow down your search results, use specific elements you want in your theme; for example: “red 2 column wordpress theme”.

WordPress Admin Theme Search: with the newest version of WordPress, you can now search for, and install, wp themes all from within your administration dashboard! This handy admin dashboard search feature only searches the themes directory at the WordPress web site; however, you are given ability to search by keyword phrase or even select listed search parameters, such as color, how many columns you prefer and/or even if you want a theme with an easily customizeable header.

How to Install a WP Theme EvoWPThemes

Whether you find and download the zip file for your new WordPress theme via a web browser search engine find, or you find your new theme in the admin dashboard, installation is super easy. Follow these simple installation steps:

From a saved zip file

  1. Log into your WP admin dashboard and in the left navigaton column, go to Appearance > Add New Themes
  2. At the top of the page, below where it says Install Themes, click the Upload link
  3. Cick the Browse button to find the zip file on your computer for the theme you wish to install
  4. Click Install Now
  5. After installation is complete, you will see a message asking if you want to Activate the theme. If you want to apply this theme to your blog, click Activate.
  6. That’s it!

From a WP admin dashboard search
  1. If you have found your theme using the search feature from within your admin dashboard (Appearance > Add New Theme), then below the preview listing for each theme name, you’ll see the Install Theme link right next to the Preview link.
  2. Click the Install Theme link.
  3. In the window that pops up, click the Install Now button
  4. You will then get a successful installation message with a link to click to Activate the theme for your site, if you want to activate this theme, click Activate
  5. That’s it!

Free WordPress Themes - Premium or Custom WordPress Themes: Which is Better?

There is a never ending supply of free wp themes available. That’s great news for your budget; but if you do not have the image editing software and/or the ability to at least customize a free theme, you run the risk of your site looking exactly like many others on the web using the same free theme.

Free WordPress Themes

My advice is to customize any free wp theme you intend to use. Change the header graphic, as well as any icons or graphics used within the theme, to reflect your business image or message. Use the search guidelines I mentioned above to get the core layout of the theme as you want it (i.e. 2 columns or 3 columns) because changing colors and a few graphics is much easier than changing the entire layout of a theme.

Premium WordPress Themes

A premium WP theme is one that you pay for; however, it still needs a bit of tweaking to make it uniquely yours. Since many folks will be going for and using the free themes, buying a pre-made theme is the next step up to not having your site look like every other one on the web. You can find premium themes on template sites, or by doing a web search. They aren’t hard to find, but there are far fewer choices of premium themes.

Custom WordPress Themes

This is an option that requires hiring a wp theme designer. Yes, this is going to cost you money to have done; but your returns in the long run may be better, as you can truly get a theme designed exactly as you want that will uniquely brand you and your company. Before you hire a WordPress theme designer, make sure you see samples of their work. Any experienced professional web designer will have a portfolio of their work. Another key thing to screen new web designers for is their ability to communicate; more specifically to listen to your needs and then comprehend what your needs are and translate that into a blog theme design that meets those needs. Communication skills are essential and the designer should be able to translate your non-tech requests into appropriate and applicable tech needs for your blog theme.

Once you have chosen your blog’s theme, it’s easier to select  a theme for your blog, whether a free theme, premium or custom. Keep your branding mind and go from there.

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With all of the toxins that our bodies come in contact with on a daily basis, it would be a good idea to a body cleansing. There are many types of cleanses, but whichever type you choose you need to make sure that you are going about it in the healthiest way possible. Get the necessary supplements to stay healthy during your cleansing and get rid of the toxins in your body. You will be grateful you did when you have more energy, well balanced diet during your cleansing experience and wonderful feeling of being healthy without all the toxins dragging you down each day.

To meet the needs of any business in this day and age, certain technological solutions are required. Most companies, in an effort to keep data secure and accessible, turn to a variety of hosting solutions. Virtual Private Systems (VPS) are among the most popular hosting solutions on the market today because they offer clear benefits between the traditional dedicated server and shared server options that once dominated the field.

A Windows VPS is among the more popular systems out there, as they make use of the most common operating system and ensure the same benefits of VPS are in play.

What is a Windows VPS?

A virtual private server is a virtual machine that allows customers to run software in the same physical unit as other customers but enjoy the security and resources of separate units. Each server can run its own operating system and can be rebooted as needed without affecting the other units in the system.

A Windows VPS, then, would be a system that uses Windows as its operating systems. There are also Linux VPS units available, but these units are popular because they tend to be among the most versatile and common.

What are the Benefits of Windows VPS?

The benefits of using Windows VPS are plentiful. For starters, the system updates are handy. The VPS manages updates for users as needed without impacting the levels of the other machines or relying on shared resources. You can update your Windows components at will or have them set to automatic updates and never worry about the state of your data.

Another benefit is that of security. Not only do Windows VPS units feature the benefits of Windows operating systems but they offer security from the other servers in the physical machine. If a neighbor’s server is hacked, yours remains secured because they are partitioned.

It also provides with dedicated resources so that you can run all of the operating system programs you need without relying on diminished resources from other machines. While shared servers split the resources and allow drain on the system thanks to the actions of one user, it does not allow the habits of other customers to have an adverse affect on your system.

What are the Features?

Windows VPS includes root access for complete control over your account from software installations to system configurations. This can be handled thanks to a control panel that you can access at any time.

It also offers data back-up services to product from anything that could occur in a given network. This ensures that all of your data and components are safe from harm and remain secure no matter where you are. This is integral to protecting your business interests and diminishing downtime.

Security is also included as a feature in most VPS hosting. A good company will provide not only for the physical security of the unit but for the integrity of the network and hardware. Defending against virtual threats like DDoS attacks, hackers and malicious software is part and parcel with the running of an effective Windows VPS.